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My research interests are centered around linguistic and philosophical theories of meaning and interaction. One focus is on the interplay of speech and gesture in communication. In my work, I combine theoretical modeling and experimental methods. The domains covered range from foundational theoretical aspects of grounding non-verbal meaning to the building of applications. I am concerned with topics such as semantic and pragmatic notions of reference, deferred reference, alignment in dialogue, iconicity, demonstration and exemplification.

Selected publications:

  • Ikonische Gesten. Grundzüge einer linguistischen Theorie
    De Gruyter, Berlin and Boston, 2013.
  • Pointing and Reference Reconsidered
    Journal of Pragmatics, vol. 77, pp. 56-79, 2015
    [pdf] [web]
  • Assessing Cognitive Alignment in Different Types of Dialog by means of a Network Model
    Neural Networks, vol. 32, pp. 159-164, 2012.
  • Modeling Co-Verbal Gesture Perception in Type Theory with Records
    Proceedings of the Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (FedCSIS’16), pp 383-392, 2016. Best Paper Award.
    [pdf] [web]
  • On Three Notions of Grounding of Artificial Dialog Companions
    Science, Technology & Innovation Studies, vol. 10 (1) , pp. 31-36, 2013.
    [pdf] [web]
Andy Lücking’s complete list of publications

Since January 2011, I am a research assistant at the Text Technology Lab at the Goethe University Frankfurt.

I studied linguistics, philosophy and German philology at Bielefeld University. During my studies, I worked as scientific assistant in several projects:

  1. B1 “Speech-Gesture Alignment” in the Collaborative Research Center 673 “Alignment in Communication” (June 2006 to January 2011). In this project, I contributed in building the Speech-and-Gesture Alignment Corpus (SaGA). I also developed an account for the meaning of co-verbal iconic gestures and how they interact with speech (see dissertation.).
  2. Linguistic Networks (September 2009 to December 2010).
  3. Research Unit 437 “Text Technological Modelling of Information”, project A2 Secondary structuring of information and comparative analysis of discourse (Sekimo) (April 2006 to September 2006). In this short-term engagement, I supported the annotation of discourse structure and centering relations, and the assessment of reliability.
  4. Project B3 “Deixis in Construction Dialogues” of the Collaborative Research Center 360 “Situated Artificial Communicators” (2005). In this project, I participated in investigating the role of pointing in demonstrative reference in task-oriented dialogue.

In 2011, I received my PhD in linguistics at Bielefeld University for my prolegomena for a linguistic theory of co-verbal iconic gesture. The work has been published in 2013 as “Ikonische Gesten. Grundzüge einer linguistischen Theorie”.

I am a member of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft (DGfS).

Besides my research activities, I am interested in typesetting with LaTeX. I am a member of the German TeX User Society (Deutsche Anwendervereinigung TeX, DANTE).